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WooCommerce Websites

We have online shop options for new websites for all budgets. Starting from a free build-your-own option, a built-for-you budget low-cost option, to complex custom ecommerce websites. We’ll have a solution for your online shop requirements.

WooCommerce Support

Whether it’s installing plugins and themes, fixing your WooCommerce problems, handling maintenance or anything else that’s distracting you from your business and generating sales we can help.

WooCommerce Development

WooCommerce states they have “the most customisable ecommerce platform for building your online business” and our team can provide the custom development you seek for your ecommerce business.

WooCommerce Maintenance

With a WooCommerce maintenance and management plan your website will be always monitored, always running and always up-to-date. Our maintenance service also includes premium plugins and speed optimisation.

WooCommerce Speed

Page speed is one of the most overlooked ecommerce website requirements, and still it is one of the most important factors in converting your customers into buyers. Is your WooCommerce website performing as it should?

WooCommerce Features

Many features customers may expect to see in your online shop are not available in a standard WooCommerce store. Functionality such as wish lists, gift vouchers, mailing lists, forms and many other online shop facilities are custom additions.

WooCommerce Integrations

Connect your store to marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, link sales to your accounting package such as Quickbooks, Xero, MYOB and many more. Maybe your business has an ERP system and you want to integrate stock, orders, etc. in real time.

WooCommerce Hosting

Specialised WooCommerce online shop hosting where your website is always monitored, always running, always backed-up and always up-to-date. Plus, we have WooCommerce experts at your service. Just reach out if there is anything you need.

WooCommerce Plugins

There are thousands of plugins and extensions out there for your WooCommerce store, both free and paid. How do you know which plugins to use and which plugins to avoid? We have a list of tested and recommended plugins for every requirement.

WooCommerce Search

Online shops need to have a great search system so customers can quickly locate the products and information they are looking for in no more than a couple of clicks. We make this possible with an advanced search and filtering system.

WooCommerce Themes

Similar to plugins, there are a myriad of “specialised” themes, built to support WooCommerce they say, specifically made to load fast, with optimised this and that. How many of these themes really do what they say?

WooCommerce Usability

A significant factor in determining the conversion of browsers into buyers is recognising the needs of ecommerce users when visiting online shops. The usability of easy access to delivery information and an expected checkout process is paramount.


We’re creating easy-to-use online stores with all the features your customers will love. Shops that load quickly, contain in-depth product information, great images and fast on-site search.

We’ll help you build a store that’s as unique as your brand and provides a special experience for customers navigating your site.

Custom Developed Shops.

Fully custom designed.

This is a fully custom-designed website, including custom product, page and blog layouts. Incorporating product search and filtering for a great customer experience.
from $7,680.00 ex gst


Whether it’s installing plugins and themes, fixing your WooCommerce problems, handling maintenance or anything else that’s distracting you from your business and generating sales we can help. We offer ongoing phone and email support for your WooCommerce online shop and if there is an immediate impact on your website operation and/or online sales then you can call or message for urgent issues.


Our experienced team of WooCommerce developers can create virtually any customisation you can think of for your online shop. Development includes programming, for example coding in PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, SASS just for starters. Then there is working with database scripting that includes SQL and of course communicating with other applications using the various APIs these services use.
The only limitation is imagination when it comes to the development and customisation potential of your online shop.


It is very important to include regular maintenance as part of your business processes when operating a WooCommerce online shop. Just like running a bricks and mortar shop front where you have to regularly clean the shop front windows, vacuum the floors, dust the shelves, etc. your online shop requires regular work. This should include database and website backups, software updates, security checks, uptime and performance monitoring, database cleanups and regular testing of your ordering system. These can be provided on an adhoc basis, but a scheduled maintenance plan is usually the preferred option for online shop merchants. Any problems with your website will affect sales and your bottom line.


Page load times affect both sales conversion rates and SEO. Improving your website load times will help increase traffic and sales. Google has flagged the importance of speed and includes page speed as a ranking factor. A statement from Google in an update on July 9, 2018 says “…studies show that people really care about the speed of a page. Although speed has been used in ranking for some time, that signal was focused on desktop searches. Today we’re announcing that starting in July 2018, page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches…”. Think with Google published a mobile page speed study that says “…As page load time goes from 1s to 3s the probability of bounce increase 32%, 1s to 5s…increases 90%, 1s to 6s…increases 106%…” etc. Conversely, for every 1 second improvement in page load time Walmart found there was a 2% increase in conversions.
Optimising your website performance, especially page load speed, is something you should be aware of as you may be losing sales.


There are numerous features that can be added to your WooCommerce online shop to improve customer engagement, improve sales figures, help you to improve productivity and assist you in operating your ecommerce business efficiently and effectively.
For example, to improve your online shop for customers you may like to include features such as:
  • Create personalised collections or wish lists they can save now to buy later.
  • Purchase gift vouchers that can be redeemed online or in-store.
  • View pricing in multiple currencies linked to real time currency updates.
  • Add a store locator for customers to click and collect or just purchase in person.
  • Automatically send notifications when products they’re interested in, or similar products, become available or are on sale.
  • Provide a wholesale purchasing option with different price levels for specific customers.


There are a multitude of third-party services and marketplaces your WooCommerce online shop can communicate with. These integrations can improve the operation of your business considerably. For example, these are facilities that you could use to improve your efficiency and systems:
  • Manage products and stock in a central administration, but having all changes automatically synced to multiple shops, all on different domains.
  • Add an abandoned cart and follow-up system to improve conversions.
  • List your products on multiple marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Google, Catch, etc. and manage your orders from a central administration.
  • Sync your orders, stock, customers and product information with an ERP or CRM system.
    Examples of these systems are SAP Business One, Sage, and QAD.
  • Link your sales automatically to your cloud accounting package such as Xero, Quickbooks, MYOB, etc.


Our WooCommerce managed hosting service not only includes a fast and reliable platform for your online shop, it also includes fully-licensed premium plugins and themes. The website hosting and management service includes:

  • Fast WordPress website hosting.
  • SSL secure certificate including wildcard SSL if required.
  • Content delivery network (CDN) included.
  • Server and client side caching for faster page load times.
  • Website speed and performance optimisation service.
  • Image optimisation service and next-gen image format conversion.
  • Mailgun email notification service.
  • External uptime monitoring service checking your website every 5 minutes.
  • Plugin management and updates for WooCommerce and WordPress.
  • Management and updates for the core WordPress system.
  • WordPress core and plugin vulnerability checks and alerts.
  • Security scans and SSL check.
  • Daily database backups (more often if required), stored off site for a minimum of 61 days (longer if required)
  • Weekly full website file system backups (more often if required), stored off site for a minimum of 61 days (longer if required).
  • Weekly database cleanup and optimisation.
  • Weekly website cleanup removing revisions, trash and orphaned data.


Free and premium plugins are a huge part of the WooCommerce ecosystem. We can help you determine if the feature you’re after can be achieved with a plugin, free or paid, or whether custom development would be more appropriate. We have an extensive list of our approved plugins that we use on WooCommerce shops we develop. These are plugins we know well and are the best available for the purpose they have been built for.


There are great premium themes for WooCommerce online shops that we recommend and can be easily customised for our ecommerce website customers. These themes provide merchants with ease of operation and features that assist with operating their businesses efficiently. The administration setup also allows merchants to manage their online shops in-house without needing the support of website designers and developers.


Usability can include design, layout, processes, website flow and access to information. All of these usability factors provide ways to convert customers into buyers and reduce shopping cart abandonment. UX (user experience) design involves the entire process of the customer journey from browsing to buying on multiple devices. Google even uses UX as a ranking factor, especially for mobile devices. We are mindful of the user experience and generating sales with everything we do for our WooCommerce online shopping website customers.

We can help you build the online shop your business deserves.

Develop a completely customised online shopping platform encompassing all you can imagination in an online store. Sell anything from physical products and digital downloads to subscriptions, content and even appointments.
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